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Opportunities and Resources

We want you to be as successful and fruitful as possible! Because of this, we recommend the following opportunities and resources for your consideration.


Multiplying Disciple Group Training – April 13 and 14, San Antonio, Texas. Discover more about what God is doing and how you can more effectively see lost people reached. Click here for more information. Registration deadline: April 7.

DMM Workshops – if you would like to introduce DMM strategy and skills to your team, partnership or network, consider hosting a three to five day workshop. Contact us about our workshops.

DMM Mentoring – if you are just starting out, the best way to learn, gain new skills and build your capacity is to be mentored by someone who has gone ahead of you. Contact us about our mentoring groups.

DMM Cafes – if you are already a practitioner, we invite you to share your challenges and celebrate your successes with other practitioners as we meet to discuss practical aspects of DMM each month. Contact us about our virtual Cafes.

Other Resources


Miraculous MovementsCityTeam International’s Jerry Trousdale uses disciple making movements among Muslims to illustrate biblical principles that can be applied in any context, whatever and wherever that may be.


Miraculous Movements – Five short clips that introduce and emphasize some of the important principles behind disciple making movements (based on and presented by Jerry Trousdale’s “Miraculous Movements”).

Websites and Blogs

TouchPoint – David Watson is among the most influential and well respected DMM strategists. His writings are a wealth of resources for everyone who wants to make disciples like Jesus made disciples.

DMM Roundtable – Based in South Africa but reaching around the world, the DMM Roundtable equips and mobilizes the church, mission and business environments towards the task of discipling nations through self-replicating movements.

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